Starter pack: Lil shorty

We love these denim shorts so much we decided to dedicate an entire starter pack to them. The lil shorty starter pack features three different ways to style our high waisted pleated denim shorts in mid-wash. Which look is your favorite?

🎮 Think pink

A walking pallet of pinks with golden accents and nostalgic vibes. Think soft cotton tees, chunky sneakers, rosy circlular sunnies, a gameboy crossbody bag, and golden hoops — all styled with our denim lil shorty.

🌎 Globe trotter

A casual, worldly outfit you'll feel trendy and comfortable in no matter where you go. Our denim shorts paired with comfy high-top sneakers, a graphic tee, trendy sunnies, a light bucket hat and a scruntchy to keep around your wrist just incase.

👄 Playdate

The perfect outfit for your daytime get-togethers, whether it's brunch with the girls or a stroll in the park with someone special. Featuring flirty accessories like our cat-eye shades, knitted bucket hat and chunky boots, this might be our favorite lil shorty look.